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28/10/2011, 10:51



Was born to compress, flatten and hide, over time and sounds of lace, lingerie, has made space, scoring the passage, for women, 
from the social condition of constraint to that of freedom.
Displayed and publicized by the movie stars, it becomes cultural phenomenon, an extraordinary instrument of seduction and marvelous object of desire.
Inevitably to mind the movie "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" in which a young Sophia Loren impressed the imagination of all the striptease in front of the seminarian dreamily Marcello Mastrogianni.
Today, shorts and thongs, stockings and tights, bodysuits and guerierre, undergarments and baby doll, buy your very own, legitimate, space as an instrument of seduction, symbolizing the greatest achievement of the female: the freedom to express themselves always.
So lace and create transparency gives life to collections with sober and elegant colors. The pastel shades are adorned with details and contrasting special colors ready to peep out of clothing and showing up brilliantly in their glory.
Inevitable constant of the 'sexiest lingerie, the "total black" back in its sophisticated style, elegant, refined, attentive, mindful of the first twenties.
Transparency breathtaking precious embroideries, layers equivocal give us collection "mind-boggling", "combinaison" that fascinated and seduscono the feminine public and not only for.
No more underwear, but simply "out wear". . . yesterday, today and tomorrow.
lucia ursillo