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31/10/2011, 15:11

Animal sprint


Animal prints: spotted, leopard, zebra, phyton, animal, wild, call it, as we prefer, a style that is always in vogue, timeless fantasy,great source of inspiration for many creative, evokes the transgression ,the eccentricity, the seduction, the blink, sensuality, the force and courage, a press that is repeated from season to season, reinventing itself in the colors and shades, faithful to herself in sinuous predator message for the wearer.

Established in 1947 on the catwalks of Paris by Dior, is presented as a symbol of opulence and luxury, Valentino in subsequent years using the imagination spotted on silk fine white sable fur for lining, is worn on with elegance and grace by Mrs. Jackie Kennedy, movie stars and fashion confirm the style of unabashed animal print to any social event as Margaret Madè (young Italian actress brought to success by Giuseppe Tornatore's film Baaria), that on the red carpet of the 67th Venice Film Festival , splendidly dressed in a "leopard dress".

Artists such as of Roberto Cavalli, Anna Molinari, Dolce & Gabbana have made it such their battlefield:
mousseline graceful, silky velvet, cashmere soft, starched tulle, shifting taffeta, 
everything is colored pigment and a mixture of alternating tones, 
all mixes for a combination that makes this style and trend.

From coats to shoes, from chairs to lamps, the world became normal spotted sober and somber to give that hint of color, that enough to invigorate the "gray" urban.
Praised by many, designed by others, l '"animal print" remains the undisputed style of a fashion that has spanned generations, which received and continues to collect consents, which brings with it excitement and mystery of one "sprint" inexplicable…

lucia ursillo