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31/10/2011, 15:13

Put the Turbo

Turbo, a leading brand in the world of swimming and water polo, manufactures articles and products of selected and advanced materials for all the swimmers and water polo players needs.

Exclusive in the area, "Turbo store" George Ianuzzi, Diomedes Square 14, Vasto (Ch), which specializes in selling clothing and accessories for swimming, water polo, synchronized diving, offers the new men's - lady winter collection 2011/2012 , with a wide and varied models as your fantasies.

Gracefully and courtesy, hosts will be available to help and advise you.

Bikinis, headphones for swimmers , caps, towels, microfiber bathrobes, a collection cheerful and fun that gives lively and Bright colors , new and original patterns, a sort of lively fresh and young.

Colorful flags, chaotic metropolis, sparkling cocktails, themed comics, women of color and men of swords, endless geometry, a little of everything and for the more demanding the ability to customize their bikinis, leaving the imagination free to travel to hidden worlds or unattainable myth.

A dive into the pool to relax or to compete, to practise or entertain, share these moments of pleasure with a touch of humor and originality, let us keep ready for this new season. . . puts the turbo.

(men's swimwear 35,00 € - women's swimwear bikini 35,00 € - women's swimwear one piece 50,00 € - flip flops 15,00 € - caps 20,00 € - towels 35,00 € - mini ball 15,00 €).

Francesco Spina