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03/11/2011, 20:31

Irreverent it isn't necessarily obvius

He was born in Abbiategrasso (Milan) in 1950,he attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera with the intention of becoming a painter.

That same year he drew the attention of Gianni Versace and began collaborating with him. the artistic verve , his creativity and inspiration are combined well not only with brushes and canvases, but also with textiles and tailoring...has been transformed this "insolent creativity" a art.
In 1983 his first fashion show, a fashion "that speaks" , Clothing that transmit messages, a fashion that reflects in the very moment cheeky slogans irreverent ,provocative and ironic. Breakage patterns, the parade it isn't obvious.
Details that becomes accessories, Necktie Skirt ,Chanel Jacket Revisited, pins that become necklaces, pearls that decorate jackets, logo printed.
In 1994, after his death Rossella Jardini a historic collaborator, became the new Director, quickly became "head" on the fashion market. The unmistakable style of the brand in a hotel in the old railway station on Viale Monte Grappa, where trains leave to Monza from Milan.
Lampshades to create "oversized" dresses, cup-shaped tables, a beautiful red dress just for the headboard of the bed, give the impression that you sleeping in a evening dress.
Fabulous creations, surreal style and chimerical's Collections is the unmistakable style of the brand Moschino.
lucia ursillo